Long Imagine

When you guys first started dating, everyone, including the boys, was comparing you to Selena. No matter what you did, everyone would say, ‘Would Selena do that?’ ‘Did Selena wear, do, or say that?’ ‘Selena did her hair like that.’ As much as you tried to make it seem like it didn’t matter, to you, it hurt that everyone felt the need to compare you to her. Finally one day, you just broke down in tears. If this was the first two months of the relationship, why should you keep trying? You tried to get a grip, any grip whatsoever, but with Justin out at the studio and your sisters gone, you just felt heartbroken.

You decided that you should just leave, and let Selena find her way back to Justin. You packed your stuff, quietly sobbing. All the contents of your side of the closet were in your bags, and you tried to get out as fast as possible. You called a cab, and rushed out of the flat, right as the boys, laughing and joking came around the corner, dropping Justin off before they went out clubbing. You froze, trying to make them not see you, and loaded the last bag into the cab.

Too late.

"YN?!" Justin called from the open window of Ryan’s car. Pretending not to hear, you went to the driver and gave him directions to your bff’s house. “YN!!" You didn’t turn, and let the tears fall swiftly down your cheeks. You heard the car door slam, and then told the driver to go. You went to justine’s then Jenn’s. You were watching the movie Think like a Man with Jenn, Justine,Brandon,Scott,and Neal. Your head was on Neal’s lap and justine was in scott and jenn brandon. Then Ryan and Chaz come in and clear the room and Justin jumped over on your right  “ YN What the hell are you doing?" "I… I don’t know. I don’t know anymore Justin." You tried shaking him off, but he kept a firm yet gentle grip on you.

"Talk to me, YN. Talk to me so we can get through this."

"That’s it Justin! You don’t go through this, I do! I get the hate, I get the comparisons, I get the low blows, not you! It’s not… I can’t Justin. Okay? I just can’t. I’m sorry."

"No. No, YN, it’s not fair. it’s not right and I understand that. I’m sorry; I should have told you this before, I should have been there more. But we have to get through this together babe. I don’t want you to think that this is what everyone thinks of you. Because they don’t matter." He dropped your arm and wrapped you into a hug. “What matters is us. What we have that no one else can break."

You started sobbing even harder at the truth in his words. You accepted the embrace and tried to smile through your tears. “Always?”

"I will always be here. And there will be nothing, absolutely nothing, that can break us apart." 

And he was right. Nothing would tear you and Justin apart, ever. After that day, the boys stuck up for you more, the other girls and you grew closer, and no matter what, Justin always made sure you showed him the hate, so he could tell you it wasn’t true.


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